Preflight Check ofTransit andTransfer Passengers

  • Preflight checks oftransit andtransfer passengers, including objects being with passengers atKurumoch International Airport iscarried outinaccordance with general practice before entering thesterile area andmixing with thechecked originating passengers.
  • In order toavoid contact with thepassengers, whohave notpassed thepreflight checks attheairport, dedicated arrival /departure lounges canbefurnished toaccommodate transit andtransfer passengers andobjects being with passengers.
  • Transit andtransfer passengers arenotallowed totheir checked baggage.
  • In case offailing tocomply with paragraphs 2and3, transit andtransfer passengers, including objects being with passengers, subject torepeated preflight check inaccordance with general practice.
  • Baggage oftransfer passengers attheintermediate airports issubject tomandatory preflight check prior tomixing with checked baggage oforiginating passengers.
  • Baggage oftransfer andtransit passengers changing routes ontheir owninitiative isrechecked andsent onthesame flight asthepassengers.
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