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Location: Terminal 1, first floor, common access area
Tel.: +7 (917) 030-01-93

SAMARA airport

Shokoladnitsa coffee bar
Distinctive feature of each coffee bar of Shokoladnitsa chain exquisite and comfortable interior design, home-like and uniqiue atmosphere. In the place accessible for review by the guests, there is always a special display case, at which one can right away chose the dessert one likes and to talk in person to the barista.

Location: Terminal 1, 3floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area).
Tel.: +7 (917) 030-02-71

SAMARA airport

Tri olenya grill-bar
This is an excellent place to while away the time with the glass of live craft beer or a cup of coffee. And with beer one can enjoy hot starters, mouth-watering burgers with juicy beefsteakes, smoked, golden sausages, burrito with different fillings. And with tea or coffee one can enjoy trademark cakes and fresh pastry.
We look forward toseeing you! AtTri olenya youwon't notice howtime fill fly, waiting foryour flight!

Location: Terminal 1, first floor, common access area.
Tel.: +7 (846) 270-27-01

Tri olenya restaurant
Tri olenya restaurant chain is known for its live beer, excellent cuisine and atmosphere, that is always warm and hospitable. In the restaurant-brewery, situated in the domestic flights terminal, our trademark dishes are always waiting for you: appetizing starters and salads, hot dishes from real Russian oven, grill-menu, burgers and burrito. With a cup of delicious coffee or tea we recommend trying our cakes and gateau from the pastry chef of Tri olenya. And, surely, four brands of our trademark live beer will cheer you up before the flight!

Location: Terminal 1, 3floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area).
Tel.: +7 (846) 270-2701

Charters Pub restaurant
Restaurant Charters Pub is a unique combination of British primeness and Russian hospitality. Unique interiour of the pub will help you to get wrapped up in the comfortable atmosphere, at which it is very pleasant to spend some hours waiting for the flight, and the glass of real Irish Guinness beer will help to take your mind off the rush. Distinctive feature or each English pub is the unique atmosphere of traditional cordiality, with which every guest is welcomed here.
The style ofclassic English pubprevails intheinteriour oftherestaurant: long barcounter, tables andchairs made offine wood, leather sofas, colourful stained-glass panels. Splendour andelegance ineverything.
Charters Pub restaurant isunique: having arelatively small space, itisdivided into zones, which will help youenjoy comfort andprivacy. Waiting foryour flight, youwill enjoy spending time inourPub, trying dishes ofEuropean andRussian cuisine, aswell asawide range ofdrinks. Youarealways welcome!

Location: Terminal 1, 3floor, international airlines departure area (sterile area).
Tel.: +7 (939) 713-98-87

SAMARA airport

Tri olenya gourmet bar and shop of delicious gifts
Tri olenya gourmet bar and shop of delicious gifts offers you to spend time in a warm and tasteful atmosphere, while waiting for your flight. Intimate atmosphere combines trendy eco-style with home-like comfort: those, who want to relax and have a seat away from the noise of the waiting lounge, there are upholstered sofas, and from the bright bar zone it is convenient to watch the children, playing in the playground.
The menu includes traditional dishes ofTri Olenya: trademark made-in-house starters, gourmet fish, meat salted andsmoked in-house, classic andauthor's salads from thebrand-chef, bright andappetizing tapas, trademark marble steaks, fish andseafood and, surely, fresh pastry anddeserts from thepastry chef.
In ourgourmet baryoucanbuyastonishing tasty presents foryounear anddear orcolleagues sweet treats, unusual gourmet sauces andspices, specialties ofmeat andfish and, surely, gift baskets which will beprepared upon your request inyour presence andbeautifully packaged asabonus.

Location: Terminal 1, 3 floor, international airlines departure area (sterile area).
Tel.: +7 (846) 270-27-01

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