Shop of the German operator Heinemann Travel Value Samara invites you to enjoy pre-flight shopping at affordable prices!

Shops Travel Value appeared in Russian airports some years ago specially for those travelling with domestic airlines. The shops are designed on the model of duty free shops for those flying abroad. Heinemann Travel Value is one of the leaders of the global market of duty free shops and offers a whole range of undisputable advantages for its customers:

  • direct supplies from German manufacturers;
  • guarantee of quality and originality of the goods;
  • special offers and  promotion campaigns, which are a real bargain for customers.

Shop Travel Value in Samara offers the best brands of  perfumery, make-up and beauty  products from major European companies. Pleasant addition for connoisseurs of exclusive amoras will be the wide choice of niche perfumery, which is not availbale in the shops of Samara (Mancera, Serge Lutens). Here other unique offers are waiting for you - perfumery, make-up and beauty  products, glasses, watches,  fashion jewellery, limited collections of perfumes and chocolate, which are produced exclusively for sale in airports (category Travel Retail Exclusive). You won't find such models in the shops of the city.

Fans of bargain purchases should pay attention to the display case Price Hits, where one can find aromas at the prices beginning with 1800 RUB. Every month the shop holds campaigns, granting presents and providing unique discounts.
We look forward to seeing you in the world of travel!

Location: Terminal 1, 3 floor, international airlines departure area (sterile area).
Tel.: +7 (495) 788-03-0 ext. 154

«Khoroshie novosti» - retail minimarket chain, specializing in sales and distribution of up-to-date informational products (newspapers, magazines, books, multimedia editions) and accompanying products.
We offer our buyers the possibility to maximally quickly choose the most  up-to-date, high quality and necessary information on the way to the place of work, studies or rest.

Location: Terminal 1, first floor, common access area; 3 floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area).
Tel.: +7 (927) 906-89-80
samara airport
«Zdorovye lyudi» pharmacy chain is one of the leaders of Russian pharmaceutical market. «Zdorovye lyudi» pharmacies offer a full range  of pharmacy goods and services, as well as other health products. The product proposal of the chain includes more than 15 thousand of products, 75% of which are made of medicines, and 25 % – parapharmaceutical products.

In the pharmacy «Zdorovye lyudi», located in the «Kurumoch» airport, the buyers may buy the most necessary goods for the first aid kit. In the product proposal of the pharmacy there are not only medicines, but also biologically active additives, nutritional supplements, skin care products, medications, optics care products: solutions and drops for contact lenses, cases for glasses and other ophthalmological products.

Location: Terminal 1, first floor, arrivals area
Tel.: 8 (800) 100-02-11

«Morozko» company –  family business.

Today the company carries out:

  • manufacturing of original fur wares: waistcoats, headware, accessories, toys;
  • manufacturing of fur wares upon orders of leading Russian companies;
  • retail trade in the wares manufactured by the company and by collegues-partners in the shops “Morozko” in the airports of the cities: Anapa, Gelendzhik, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Sochi, Samara;

Location: Terminal 1, 3 floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area)
Tel.: +7 (918) 251-51-65

«Astrakhanskie delikatesy» company - Sole trader I.V. Kuptsova- has been functioning since 2013. The company sells products of sturgeons and ordinary fish. Premium black caviar,  which everone can buy by wholesale or retail, is delivered to us from major companies of the sector, located on the territory of the Astrakhan region. All sturgeon products are made of fish grown in the fisheries of the Astrakhan region, and this means, that the sale of these products is permitted. Well-adjusted deliveries of black caviar allow us to sale only fresh products. The quality of the caviar and fish sold by us remains on a high level due to the high  cost of production and absence of attempts to lower the purchase price. We sell only natural premium quality products and value the trust of our clients.

All products are certified and comply with State Standards (GOST) and Technical Conditions (TU).We have shops, among others, in the following cities: Astrakhan- shops in the airport and on the territory of the city; in the airports of Volgograd, Mineralye Vody, Sochi (Adler), Voronezh, Krasnodar, Samara  and Nizhny Novgorod.

Location: Terminal, 3 floor,  sterile area.
Contact person: Igor Valerjevich Kuptsov
Tel.: +7 (937) 138-88-77
Svetlana Salmanova – designer from Samara, who creates ornaments which have made her name well-known among buyers in Samara and in the world of high fashion in general. No doubt, there are many talanted people in Samara, but there are only a few of those, whose name has become a household one in the world of brands. That is why ornaments from Svetlana Salmanova have become a new calling card of our city. Every week our ornaments are taken to other cities as the present and an exclusive souvenir from Samara for the near and dear.

Ornaments of Salmanova brand constitute an excellent combination of  murano glass, semiprecious, stones, Swarovsky crystalls and additional decorative elements. Cooperation with famed masters from wonderful Venice has been developing for already eight years, the beads for the wares made by Svetlana are custom-made, this is genuinely “From Italy with love”.
Besides, Svetlana Salmanova directly cooperates with the Austrian brand Swarovsky, that is why our clients have the possibility to buy designer-made ornaments made from the most beautiful and rare crystals.

•  All ornaments are grouped together into collections, which are distiguished by alluring names and attractive colours, which without fail draw the eye of different customers - both sophisticated fashion fans, as well as minimalism aficionados. Each collection occupies one display case and is represented by the ornaments of original and various forms. The ornaments can be bought as a set and separately. There are new offers every week!

Location: 3 floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area)
Tel.: +7 (846) 972-42-32, +7 (917) 019-60-22
samara airport
Bruxel - company, producing unique hand-made wares of high-quality leather at the prices which are affordable for everyone. All the leather we use is supplied by Russian plants, doesn't contain any harmful or dangerous subtances and has quality certificates.
Bruxel establishes the following principles of work for itself:

  1. to produce stylish designer wares of high-quality leather, which are available for the wide range of customers;
  2. to use only high-quality natural materials;
  3. to produce the wares only by hand, which guarantees long service.

Location: Terminal 1, 3 floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area)

LUARA - is a successful European brand of high-end jewellery, design of which combines variety and relevance of modern trends as the result of successful interaction of the best professionals from Europe and Russia.
We offer our customers a wide range of ornaments made of silver and jewellery with the use of rare techniques and newest technologies, which may harmoniously  flesh out any look, both sophisticated and laconic.
Many years on the jewellery market give us the right to speak about the success of the brand, and successful presence in big cities of Russia, such as Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan — about the brand awareness.
Jewellery gallery LUARA – only the best for you!

Location: Terminal 1, 3 floor, domestic airlines departure area (sterile area)

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