Security Control

Security control atKurumoch International Airport iscarried outaccording toOrder oftheRussian Transport Ministry No. 104of25July 2007 "On Approval oftheRules ofPreflight andPostflight Checks"*.

For passengers security, all visitors to the airport undergo a preliminary check at the entrance to the Air Terminal. This check includes a walk through an archway metal detector, a check of belongings and, whenever necessary, a body search. Those measures are pointed toward ensuring security both in the air terminal building and on board aircraft.

Domestic passengers with their hand and hold baggage are checked after check-in; international passengers, after the customs and border controls.

When going through the security control, a passenger should present his/her ticket, boarding pass and identity document.

In accordance with the Rules of Preflight and Postflight Checks, postflight checking is performed to prevent and suppress unlawful importation and dissemination of weapons, ammunition, narcotics, explosive devices, explosive, intoxicant and other substances and objects of increased danger and criminal nature, in the first place from regions with a complicated crime situation and with use of automated search information systems of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation for search for persons fleeing from bodies of inquiry, investigation and court, evading criminal punishment, as well as persons that have lost connection with relatives and are missing, wanted in accordance.

Organization of Preflight and Postflight Checks

Preflight and postflight checks (hereinafter "checks") of passengers and baggage, including objects being with the passengers, aircraft crew members, aviation personnel of civil aviation, in-flight supplies of the aircraft, freight and mail are performed by aviation security service personnel with participation of the transit internal affairs body, including canine handlers who have passed adequate special training and hold a certificate, with service dogs.

Checks are performed in the airport in dedicated rooms (checkpoints) equipped with stationary technical checking devices and video surveillance systems, and also in rooms/booths for body (personal) search.

Checks are performed with the aid of technical and special devices: stationary X-ray television introscopes and metal detectors, handheld metal detectors, X-ray scanners, introvision systems in the Terahertz band of the electromagnetic spectrum and other (hereinafter "technical and special devices") duly certified, and also service dogs of canine units.

Preflight checking is carried out after passenger check-in, sanitary-quarantine, veterinary, phytosanitary control, and in case of international flights also after border, customs, immigration and other controls.

Checks of objects being with a passenger are carried out in the passengers presence. Baggage may be checked either in the passengers presence or in his/her absence.

If a baggage check in the passengers absence necessitates its opening, then a joint decision is taken by the headpersons of the aviation security service and of the transit internal affairs authority and a commission is formed from aviation security service and transit internal affairs body personnel, which carries out the check in the presence of two witnesses and, if necessary, representatives of other state control bodies performing various types of control.

Carriage of baggage of passengers that have not appeared for boarding is strictly prohibited.

In case of information received about a threat of an act of unlawful interference in a departing aircraft, a repeated preflight check of passengers and baggage, including objects being with passengers, aircraft crew members, in-flight supplies of the aircraft, freight and mail is carried out.

If a passengers departure is retarded in connection with preflight checking, the officials of the airport / aviation enterprise administration performing the check take measures to have the passenger departing on the next flight.

If the passenger refuses to undergo the preflight check, the passengers air carriage contract shall be deemed terminated according to Item 3, Article 85 of the Air Code.

Body (personal) search of passengers is carried out if:

  • information isreceived onpreparation underway ofcapture orhijacking ofanaircraft carrying outaspecific flight orpursuing acertain direction (selectively);
  • information isreceived onapassenger carrying weapons, ammunition, explosive devices, explosive substances orother dangerous objects orsubstances that maybeused astools ofattack onaircraft crew;
  • weapons, ammunition, explosive devices, explosive substances orother dangerous objects orsubstances prohibited from carriage byairtransport arediscovered inobjects being with apassenger;
  • identification, bywayofpersonal observation byaviation security service ortransit internal affairs body personnel, ofsigns ofsuspicious behavior oractions ofapassenger evidencing his/her criminal intent orevoking suspicion ofhis/her possibly carrying weapons, ammunition, dangerous objects orsubstances prohibited from carriage byairtransport.

Body (personal) search of passengers is carried out only by persons of the same sex as the passenger being searched in the presence of two witnesses, with participation transit internal affairs body personnel and drawing up of a report.

It is prohibited to body-search several passengers in the same room at the same time.

Items requiring special precautions during its handling (cinematographic and photographic equipment, television and radio equipment, electronic devices, musical instruments, glassware, chinaware, pottery) may be carried in the aircraft cabin.

Animals, birds, reptiles and other faunal forms having appropriate veterinary certificates and admitted for carriage on board aircraft as well as cages/crates in which they are being carried undergo a visual check, and, if suspicion arises, are checked by hand (contact method).Read more about veterinary andplant-protection control.

Items that may be used as tools of attack (axe, saw, ice-axe, crossbow, airgun, speargun, etc.) may be carried only in hold baggage. Requirements for carriage of dangerous substances and objects in the hold baggage on board aircraft seeCarriage ofWeapons andDangerous Substances.

Passengers having implanted cardiac pacemakers are checked by hand (contact method) and/or undergo body (personal) search without use of technical and special devices.

Checked baggage is placed on board aircraft not having isolated baggage holds in such a way that passengers could not get access to it in flight.

During the preflight check of passengers and objects being with him/her, a mark is made on the ticket (except when the passenger has an e-ticket) and/or the boarding pass confirming the check, then the passenger is directed to the sterile area.

In the sterile area, passengers and the marks confirming the check in their tickets(except when the passenger has an e-ticket) and/or the boarding passes, including those of transit passengers, are inspected at the aircraft stairs / boarding bridgeby the passenger handling service of the airport or aviation enterprise.

Preflight Check of Transit and Transfer Passengers

Preflight checking of transit and transfer passengers and objects being with them is carried out at the initial point of departure.

* this article quotes extracts from the Rules of Preflight and Postflight Checks approved by Order of the Russian Transport Ministry No. 104 (Moscow) of 25 July 2007 "On Approval of the Rules of Preflight and Postflight Checks"
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