Registration ofáForeign Citizens

As from January 2007, theáFederal LawáOnáMigration Registration ofáForeign Citizens andáPersons without Citizenshipáin theáRussian Federation andátheáDecree ofátheáGovernment ofátheáRussian Federation OnáApproval ofátheáRules ofáMigration Registration ofáForeign Citizens andáPersons without Citizenship inátheáRussian Federation abolished registration ofáforeign citizens andápersons without citizenship atátheáplace ofástay andáintroduced migration registration ofáforeign citizens atátheáplace ofástay inátheáRussian Federation.

  • Upon arrival ofátheáflight, aáforeign citizen oráperson without citizenship should obtain andácomplete aámigration card. Theácard contains information onátheáforeign citizen andáisáused forácontrol ofáhis/her temporary stay inátheáRussian Federation; when exiting theáRussian Federation, theámigration card should beágiven iná(returned) atátheápassport control.
  • Migration card forms can, asáaárule, beáobtained ináadvance onáboard theáaircraft. They canáalso beátaken inátheáarrival area onáspecial desks before theápassport control line. Weárecommend that they beáfilled inábeforehand, inátheáaircraft, toáavoid long queuing atátheápassport control.
  • During passport control, foreign passengers must present their passport andácompleted migration card together with other certificates andátraffic documents. Seizure ofátheápassport andámigration card isánotáallowed.
Completing Migration Cards
  • The entry andátheáexit parts ofámigration cards (sections AáandáB)áareátoábeáfilled ináperson byátheádocument holders having theáright toáenter andástay inátheáterritory ofátheáRussian Federation, legibly, without erasures andácorrections, with anáinkáoráballpoint pená(ináblack, blue oráviolet color). Both parts ofátheámigration card should beáfilled in.
  • If aáforeign citizen does notáhave aácommand ofátheáRussian language, itáisápermissible foráhim/her toáfill inátheáinformation about him/herself inátheáEnglish language ináconformity with theádata inátheápassport oráanother document certifying his/her identity. Theáentries areátoábeácompleted clearly andáintelligibly ináblock letters.
  • To designate theásexáandátravel purpose ofátheápassenger, theásign "X" isátoábeáused, which isáputáinátheácorresponding boxes.
Further Procedures of Migration Registration
All further procedures of migration registration are to be effected by the receiving party; the foreign citizen him/herself is not required to spend time applying to any organizations.
The receiving party may be either Russian citizens or foreign citizens or persons without citizenship permanently residing in the Russian Federation (having a residence permit), or legal persons, their branches or representative offices in which the foreign citizen actually resides (is located) or works.
In case of hotel accommodation, the receiving party is the administration of the hotel, which is to notify, within 24 hours, the territorial body of the Federal Migration Service of the arrival of the foreign citizen and to perform all necessary actions connected with the registration of foreign citizens, and is responsible for compliance with the established rules of stay.
All actions necessary for registration are performed by the hotel administration.
The receiving party is to hand the tear-off part of the notification to the foreign citizen. The tear-off part of the notification with the proper mark is confirmation of his/her migration registration.

Please note:
  • The period ofáaáforeign citizenĺs stay inátheáRussian Federation isádetermined byátheáperiod ofávalidity ofátheávisa issued toáhim/her.
  • The period ofátemporary stay inátheáRussian Federation ofáaáforeign citizen arriving inátheáRussian Federation according toátheáprocedure notárequiring obtainment ofáaávisa mayánotáexceed ninety days except forácases provided forábyátheálegislation ofátheáRussian Federation.
  • Foeign citizens areáobliged toáleave theáRussian Federation onáexpiration ofátheápermitted period ofástay. Ináorder toáprolong theáperiod ofávalidity ofátheávisa orátheáperiod ofástay, itáisánecessary toáapply toátheámigration service bodies beforehand, before theáexpiration ofátheásaid period.

At departure, the foreign citizen passes the tear-off part of the notification to the receiving party for presentation directly or sending by mail to the territorial body of the Federal Migration Service. These actions are to be performed by the receiving party within two working days after the foreign citizenĺs departure.
Contravention of the migration registration rules may entail the foreign citizenĺs administrative responsibility in the form of a fine in the amount from 2000 to 5000 rubles, and in certain cases also exclusion from the Russian Federation. Additionally, the foreign citizen that underwent administrative exclusion may be banned from entry into the Russian Federation for a period of up to five years.
Remark. Having photocopies of the passport, the migration card and the tear-off part of the Notification in case of their loss or other unforeseen circumstances will help in proving the existence of the documents and compliance with the migration registration rules.
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