Passport Control

Domestic passengers gotopassport control after check-in. International passengers gotopassport control after thecustoms control andcheck-in.

The main documents certifying the identity of a Russian citizen are:

  • passport
  • diplomatic passport
  • service passport
  • seafarers passport /identity card.
Visas or other permits to enter a foreign state are to be checked by the transporting company (carrier).

When a traveller is leaving the Russian Federation, the border control checks only his or her right of stay in Russia; the right to enter a foreign state is not checked.

Foreign nationals entering or exiting Russia must present valid (not expired) documents (issued by an authorized body) that certify their identity and are recognized by the Russian Federation as such, as well as a Russian visa.

All persons entering Russia must have the visa in all cases, except:

  • Russian citizens;

  • nationals ofCISstates except Georgia andTurkmenistan;

  • nationals ofstates having visa-free arrangements with Russia.

Russian entry visas can be obtained from the Russian Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence, given an official invitation from the Foreign Ministry or an authorized travel or commercial company.

An applicant must present an invitation from his/her friends, relatives, or a business invitation; these documents must be registered by the respective organization.

Additional Information:

1. All visas except multiple ones are valid for only one trip. They must be used according to the terms and conditions stated in them. Visas or passports that have expired or bear marks made by unauthorized agencies are not valid.

2. Passengers with tourist visas must have a booked hotel room.

3. Any foreign national staying in Russia from more than 3 days must be registered under his/her Migration Card with a body of the Ministry of the Interior or with a hotel.

4. It is strongly recommended that every arriving national have medical or tourist insurance covering all medical expenses.

5. Travellers are strongly discouraged from resorting to services of doubtful registration businesses acting in an unofficial way.

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