A new production record was set in Kurumoch

In June, 2017 production services of «Kurumoch» International Airport (forms part of Airports of Regions Holding) set a new production record, having brought services to 10,318 passengers a day. Such a passenger traffic was registered on Thursday, the 21st of June, which became an absolute daily maximum for the first half of 2017 and broke the previous record set three years ago. This day there were served 46 arrivals and 45 departures. The groundhandling service of Samara Airport processed 5302 pieces of luggage of the total weight of 79.5 tons. For comparison:

  • January 21 - 3837 persons
  • February 21 - 4753 persons
  • March 21 – 6173 persons
  • April 21 – 6637 persons
  • May 21 - 7138 persons

*Data as of 2017

The previous daily maximum was registered on August 17, 2014. That day the airport provided its services to 9 949 passengers. The passenger traffic growth in 2017 was both due to the recovery of tourist market and airline activity on Russian and international routes.


The new welcome-photo zone is opened on the territory of Samara airport

An exhibition dedicated to Samara sights and Samara Region nature has been opened in domestic and international flights arrival lounge of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). Famous Samara photographers Vladimir Sverkalov and Vitaly Politov, as well as "Samarskaya Gazeta", “Komsomolskaya Pravda-Samara”, “Bigvill”, and 63.ru participated in its organization. The exhibition also contains a part of photo collection of Samara Region Tourism department.

“The place for the exhibition was not chosen randomly, these photos are the first thing that passengers see when they come out of a boarding bridge, that is why we call it a welcome-photo exhibition. Kurumoch airport is an air gate of the region, and we want to show our guests and to remind the citizens of the unique beauty of our home”, pointed out Konstantin Bylinin, Executive Director of “Kurumoch” international airport. The photo exhibition will run until the end of the year.

It should be reminded that recently a solo exhibition by Italian artist Marco Grassi has opened on the territory of Samara airport; it is situated on the third floor of the airport terminal in domestic flights departure area, after the departure formalities area. Besides, in domestic flight baggage claim area, there is a photo exhibition celebrating three years since the launch of Finnair flights from Samara.

SAMARA airport

foto samara
ôàéë ê ñòàòüå The new welcome-photo zone is opened on the territory of Samara airport  

New “Buy on departure – receive on return” service for Samara airport passengers

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) expands the range of passenger services. The new option “Buy on departure – receive on return” has been available since June.

Now, after purchasing products in any shop of domestic airline airside area (after security check), a passenger can leave their purchase in the airport until their return. In this case, a shop assistant packs an item in strongbox and gives a cashier's receipt to a customer. The receipt has a sticker on it with the same number as on the strongbox, and the customer also receives a booklet containing pickup point contacts and location.

Upon returning from a trip, a passenger can pick up the item at the enquiry counter on the first floor of the passenger terminal. The “Buy on departure – receive on return” service is free of charge.


Samara-Istanbul flight is now daily

Today, the Turkish operator “Pegasus Airlines” launche direct scheduled flights from “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) on Samara-Istanbul route. The Turkish low-coster is the 4th external airline to launch Samara-Turkey flights since the beginning of 2017. Thus, direct scheduled flights to Istanbul are now daily, and one can go to Antalya on any day.

The recovery of tourism market as well as airlines’ activity have returned Turkey the status of the most  popular destination on “Kurumoch” airport schedule. Since the end of March 2017, when the first flight to Istanbul in the history of the airport took place,  direct flights to this city have attracted more than 10 000 passengers, while scheduled flights to Antalya – more than 35 000 passengers. The second most popular route in terms of passenger flow is Kazakhstan, the third – the United Arab Emirates.

More information is available on the airport’s website in “Flight Timetable” section http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov and on the airlines’ websites.




Departure days (direct scheduled flights)










Onur Air










Istanbul (Ataturk International Airport)


Turkish Airlines




Istanbul (Ataturk International Airport)


Pegasus Airlines




Istanbul (Sabiha Gokcen Airport)


Pegasus Airlines Turkish low-coster launches Samara-Istanbul route flights

Pegasus Airlines will carry passengers of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) on Samara-Istanbul route. The first flight is planned for June 20, 2017. After that, Turkish low-coster will provide three direct scheduled flights a week to the Sabiha Airport, the second biggest airport of Istanbul. Departure from Samara is on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday by Boeing 737-800 and Airbus 320. Departure time on Tuesdays – 5:45, on other days – 5:35 (local time). More information is on the airport’s website in “Flight Timetable” section http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov (Flight PC-461). More information on tariffs and carriage terms is available on the official web-site of the company: https://www.flypgs.com/ru

Pegasus Airlines was found in 1990, and it provides all-freight service and passenger transportation. As of 2016, airlines had 24,14 million passengers, and its fleet consisted of 82 aircrafts.


The exhibition commemorated to the third anniversary of Samara-Helsinki route is now open at “Kurumoch”

Photo exhibition celebrating three years since the launch of Finnair flights from Samara opened on the territory of “Kurumoch” international airport. It is situated on the first floor of the airport terminal in domestic flight baggage claim area.

Finnish nature, national traditions, architecture, sport, auroras, and the Moomins – dozens of photos demonstrate the uniqueness of the Nordic country. The exhibition is organized by Samara airport, Visit Finland national tourism office, and Finnair, a national airline company. The exhibition will run until the end of the summer.

Direct scheduled Samara-Helsinki flights began in August 2014. Since that time, the airline has conducted more than 600 flights and served about 35 000 passengers. There are three direct scheduled flights a week on spring-and-summer schedule of Samara airport with flights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:00. Travel time is about 3 hours which is the shortest route to Europe for “Kurumoch” airport passengers.

It is worth pointing out that Finland is celebrating its 100 years of independence in 2017. Throughout the year, there will be events  all across the country to celebrate this date. For that reason, Finland has been named one of the most interesting tourist destinations in 2017 by Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

SAMARA airport


An exhibition by Italian artist has opened on the territory of Samara airport

Airport as an art area: a solo exhibition of Italian artist Marco Grassi has opened in  “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). The exhibition area is on the third floor of the airport terminal in domestic flights departure area, after the departure formalities area.

 Marco Grassi is a portraitist who creates his paintings in expressive, distinctive local colour and uses personal technique. At the heart of his work is pastose olive undercoat forming a tone. The foundation in covered with figures of bright neon colours. The artist highlights the contours with moving lines, while the images on the canvas are created with broad, long, colorful strokes applied with a spatula or streaks: a combination of these techniques creates lightness, dynamics and mobility with  the dark drawing.

Four oil paintings on canvas were chosen for the exhibition:

  • Do more of what makes you happy
  • Japan is my love
  • Lady
  • Lady sioux

The exhibition is supported by ART-MOST.COM.

“This year, the airport celebrates its 60th anniversary. Art exhibition of a modern Italian artist is one of the surprises that we’ve prepared for the passengers to make their time on the territory of the airport not just comfortable, but also exciting”, says Konstantin Bylinin, Executive Director of “Kurumoch” international airport. The exhibition will run until the middle of July.

SAMARA airport


Charter routes on “Kurumoch” airport schedule

On the schedule of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding), Tunisia and Greece are the leaders in terms of variety of destinations with direct flights from Samara. Tunisia, the leader of summer 2016, still has three destinations on schedule which are Enfidha, Monastir, and Djerba. Greece offers the same number of charter routes this year: passengers can fly to Heraklion, Rhodes, and Thessaloniki from Samara airport.

Turkey has taken a back seat in terms of resort destination variety, and charter route schedule has two destinations: Dalaman and Antalya; however, no other charter route can compete with the latter in terms of the number of departures. Antalya is also a leader regarding the number of airlines as this route is served by six companies, which can only be compared to Samara-Moscow route.

Such popular destinations as Burgas (Bulgaria), Tivat (Montenegro), Barcelona (Spain), Larnaca (Cyprus) are also on summer 2017 charter route program.

All in all, there will be 25 flights a week from Samara to international resorts this summer. More detailed schedule is available on the airport’s website in “Flight Timetable” section http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov


South resorts on “Kurumoch” airport schedule

In summer 2017, Samara-Sochi route is going to be one of the busiest on the schedule of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). Six airlines at once will provide flights on this route, and there will be up to 10 flights a week every day except Tuesdays. These are such airlines as KrasAvia, Ural Airlines, Nordavia, Nordwind Airlines, Rossiya Airlines, and Saravia.

Direct flights from Samara to Simferopol are available every day except Saturday. During holiday season 2017, three airlines – Ural Airlines, Nordwind Airlines, and Red Wings Airlines – will operate these flights providing up to 6 flights a week from Samara to the Black Sea coast.

Flights to such popular destinations as Anapa and Gelendzhik are provided three and two times a week respectively, and they will be operated by UTair, Ural Airlines, and UVT Aero.

In total, there will be up to 20 flights a week from Samara to the Russian South resorts in summer 2017. More detailed schedule is available on the airport’s website in “Flight Timetable” section.


Broadening the possibilities of sending international cargoes from the airport of Samara

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) expands the coverage area of international cargo carriage from Samara. New destinations in Europe, Asia, South America and African countries are available for consignors with the beginning performance of flights by “Turkish Airlines”.

“Preparing cargo for shipment takes place right at the new terminal and is performed by the employees of the airport. Here the cargo also passes customs procedures, and after that it is taken onboard the plane. Coverage area of international delivery — from Los-Angeles to Tokyo, i.e. practically to any place of the world, with one or several transfers”, tells Evgenia Belyakova, head of cargo carriage service at “Kurumoch” international airport.

One can fill out the request for dispatch of cargo on the web-site of the airport in the section “Request of the consignor”. The agent of the cargo terminal of the airport processes the received request, contacts the client and offers him/her convenient flight for dispatch of the cargo, clarifying all necessary formalities. In order to dispatch the cargo, it is to be handed over to the cargo terminal three hours before the flight,  so that it could pass the inspection by air security services and customs procedures. Information about movement of the cargo may be tracked on the web-site of the airport by using the number of the consignment note in the section “Information about the status of the cargo” http://samara.aero/ru/informatsiya_o_statuse_gruza.

For further information about dispatching and receiving cargoes, call (from 8:00 till 20:00):

+7 (846) 966-53-13 
+7 (846) 966-52-04 


International passenger traffic of “Kurumoch” airport increased three times during May holidays

From the 1st till the 9th of May of 2017 “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) serviced 58,8 thousand passengers, which is 45% more than the same indicator for the last year. During this period airlines made 313 sorties.

Nearly third of the aggregate passenger traffic - 18,8 thousand people — travelled by international flights. Airport statistics clearly demonstrates the fast-moving dynamics of return of interest for international tourism: last year the number of passengers who travelled by direct foreign flights, amounted to just 6,5 thousand people. Òhus, the international passenger traffic of the airport of Samara in the beginning of May of 2017 practically increased three times. 50% of passengers (9,4 thousand)  used the destination Samara-Antalya. This nearly 9 times exceeds the result of the Russian rival of Turkey – Sochi, which was chosen by 1022 passengers.

Among domestic Russian destinations one can point out Saint-Petersburg, the passenger traffic to this city from Samara increased by 90%. Thus, the top-ten  destinations, popular among passengers of “Kurumoch” following the results of May holidays, is the following: Moscow, Antalya, Saint-Petersburg, Alma-Aty, Istanbul, Ekaterinburg, Dubai, Larnaka, Sochi (the cities are given with the decrease of the passenger traffic).


During May holidays veterans will be serviced free of charge in the business terminal of “Kurumoch” airport

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) congratulates all passengers and their family members with the Victory day! Please, keep in mind, that during the period of celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War the airport of Samara implements the special system of servicing veterans and accompanying persons, which provides for the following:

  •   priority servicing of veterans in the course of registration and control of going through the boarding gate,

  •   priority servicing of veterans when passing through pre-flight control;

  •  placing special marking labels on the luggage of veterans and their accompanying persons with the aim of ensuring priority unloading of the cargo in the arrival airport;

  • providing veterans and accompanying persons with the business terminal service free of charge, providing support in the course of the service.

Detailed information is available at the information counter, which is located in the center of the departure zone, on the first floor of the airport, as well as from the administrator of the airport over the tel. (846) 966 51 82.


From Samara to Gelendzhik

There is a new flight in the schedule of resort destinations of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). “UVT AERO” airline begins carrying passengers on the route Gelendzhik-Samara-Gelendzhik. The flights to this resort town, located on the Black sea seaside of the Caucases, will be performed  on Mondays and Fridays, during the period from June 30 to September 22, 2017.

Departure from Gelendzhik at 13:20, arrival to Samara at 16:30 (local time).

Departure from Samara at 17:20, arrival to Gelendzhik at 18:40 (local time).

The carriage of passengers shall be performed by CRJ-200 aircrafts. The prices of tickets and carriage terms are available on the web-site of the airline http://uvtaero.ru/.

“UVT AERO” is the airline from the republic of Tatarstan. The base airports of “UVT AERO” airline are “Bugulma” airport and “Kazan” international airport. The fleet of the airline consists of 50-seat airplanes Bombardier CRJ-200. In 2017 the airline opened  flights from Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk.


Catering at “Kurumoch” has switched to the new spring-summer menu

Catering at “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) has switched to the new onboard menu for passengers travelling by business and economy-class, as well as for the crew members. The new menu includes more than 200 dishes.

Feature of the menu of the new season – expansion of the range of own bread and bakery products and sandwiches. Apart from traditional club-sandwiches, now airlines may choose for their passengers kaskrut with servelat sausage on malt ciabatta with tartar sauce, bavarian leberkase or pan bagnat with the filling of salad with chicken fillet. The range of sandwiches has increased from 5 to 13 positions.

Menu for business class has been updated by 70%. Òhus, for example, among starters now there are such dishes, as salmon souffle and turkey roll with dried apricots and  pistachios. Among main course dishes one may order, for example, salmon on  asparagus in sesame or medallions with julienne from oyster mushrooms. Besides, the range of breakfast dishes has significantly expanded, and now it includes practically everything: from muffins to vietnamese banh mi.

New menu is already available to be ordered by airlines for their passengers and crews. Catering service of “Kurumoch” international Airport every day makes up to 2 thousand sandwiches and up to 500 hot dishes for onboard catering.


Shop “Sibirsky kedr” has opened at the “Kurumoch” international airport

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) improves the fill-up of its shop gallery. Thus, in the domestic flights departure zone there is a new shop of eco-factory “Sibirsky kedr” (Tomsk). The shop specializes in natural food products made of nuts and berries. According to the manufacturer, the Tomsk region occupies the third place in respect of the operation potential of cedar nuts in the Siberian Federal District. Eco-factory “Sibirsky kedr” was the first on the market of confectionery products to create sweet treats on the basis of cedar nuts, having worked out the receipts of several types of sweets. In particular, in the airport one can buy:

  •   Cedar brittle with cranberry/seaberry/blueberry in chocolate icing

  • Cedar marzipan in chocolate icing

  •  Cedar sticks in chocolate icing

  •  Fruit sweets “Frutoden” with cedar nuts and dried fruit (dates, dried plums, dried apricots) in chocolate icing

  • Cedar khalva. 

 New sales outlet is located in the passenger terminal building, on the 3 floor, after the pre-flight check zone.



Passenger traffic of “Kurumoch” airport has set an all-time record

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) as per the results of the first quarter of 2017 has serviced 480,4 thousand people, having increased its result in comparison with the same period of the last year by 14,3%. Nearly half a million passengers, following the results of the first quarter – this is an all-time record for the airport. “Kurumoch” airport has never serviced so many passengers during the first three months of the year

During the first quarter domestic flights were used by 404,2 thousand people (+7%), international — by 76,2 thousand people (+77%). One should separately point out the  passenger traffic to the CIS countries, which increased about three times from 11,4 to 30,4 thousand passengers. Such dynamics of travel to the CIS and non-CIS countries is explained both by opening of new flights (Alma-Aty, Tel-Aviv, Antaya, Istanbul), and by changes in the visa regime. As the result of simplification of the procedure of entry to the UAE, the passenger traffic from Samara to Dubai has increased more than two times (10,1 thousand passengers in the first quarter of 2017 compared to 4,6 thousand in the first quarter of last year).

During the first three months of the year airlies made more than 2,5 thousand sorties from Samara. Regular flights were made in 36 destinations. In the reporting period on a regular basis the airport of Samara coooperated with 20 airlines. Positive dynamics is also characterstic of cargoes (+16%) and mail (+33%) handling.


Space staircase has opened at “Kurumoch”

On the Cosmonautics day a real space staircase was opened at “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). Now, walking up 60 stairs from the registration zone to the pre-flight check area, the passengers may not just refresh their knowledge of the history of space exploration, but also learn a lot of new facts.

“Samara is called the space capital of Russia, scientists and designers of enterprises of the city took an active part practically in all stages of space exploration. This subject is close and familiar to all city-dwellers and arises vivid interest among guests of Samara. That is why to the space-like architecture of our terminal we added an educational element in the form of this staircase – this is our gift on the Cosmonautics day. We have studied the history of Russian cosmonautics and decided to show the passengers the enormous progress that has been made by this sector during the 60 years. Everyone knows such key events, as the first space flight, first exit into space, but in reality each year was important for the industry”, tells Konstantin Bulinin, executive director at “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.

The countoff of the history of events begins with October of 1957, when the first artificial sputnik of the Earth was launched into space, and on the way to the departure gates the passengers learn, when the first automatic space link, first soft landing on the surface of Venice took place, as well as cosmonauts of what countries have worked at the space station, who and when set records of staying in space. Event of 2017 — second open enrollment into the cosmonaut team.


Turkish Airlines has started flights to “Kurumoch” international airport

Today “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) took in the first flight of the flag carrier of the Republic of Turkey- “Turkish Airlines”. By tradition, the first flight arriving from Istanbul, was met with a water arc at the airfield apron. 

 “We are very happy to be here today and thank you for such a warm welcome. We are proud of the fact, that today “Turkish Airlines” opens a new destination, which will unite Russia and Turkey and strengthen friendship ties between our countries.  As of now, we are beginning our flights to Samara with the frequency of three times a week, but it is our intention to increase the number of flights in the future”, points out the deputy General director of “Turkish Airlines” Akhmet Olmushtur.

“We are happy to welcome the new regular carrier in the airport of Samara, I am sure, that our cooperation will be long and beneficial. This airline has many times been recognized as the best in Europe.  Now the passengers of “Kurumoch” international airport have the possibility to value not only the onboard service, but also the route network of “Turkish Airlines”, which is regarded as one of the most extensive in the world”, says Konstantin Bylinin, executive director at “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.

The schedule of “Turkish Airlines” from Samara has three direct regular flights a week. Departure from Istanbul - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 20.30, from Samara — on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 02.05 (local time). Detailed information about the tariffs and carriage terms are available on the official web-site of the company  www.turkishairlines.com.

The fleet of “Turkish Airlines” consists of 333 planes, the route network includes 249 international and 49 domestic routes. In 2016 “Turkish Airlines” was for the sixth time in a row recognized by Skytrax as the “Best airline in Europe”.


New official carriers of “Kurumoch” airport

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) broadens the range of services for passengers. Two official carriers have started operating on the territory of the airport — “basic”, offering taxi services in “economy” and “comfort” segments, and the carrier, operating in “premium” segment.

The basic carrier of the airport of Samara has become “Elite” taxi operator from Togliatti. Carriage of passengers is carried out by Skoda Rapid and Skoda Superb, as well as by minibuses with up to 7 seats. Automobiles of the official carrier are complete with child seats, Wi-Fi,  there is the possibility to pay for the drive by using bank cards.

Premium segment services are rendered by the operator Business Jet, its fleet of cars consists of executive (Å) class Mercedes-Benz and of Mercedes-Maybach cars. It is the first time the service is offered.

Taxi reservation counters are located in the arrivals hall, near the exit from the passenger terminal, additional counter of the basic carrier operates in the domestic flights luggage claim hall.


Opeinin of direct flight connection on the route Samara-Istanbul

On March 30, 2017 the first direct regular flight from “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) to Istanbul took place. The plane of Turkish airline “Atlasglobal” landed in Samara according to the schedule, return flight took off two hours later, carrying onboard 127 passengers. Before the end of May the carrier plans to carry out flights two times a week  - on Thursdays and Saturdays, departure from Samara at 4.55 local time. Later on “Atlasglobal” will increase the frequency, adding to the schedule of flights to “Kurumoch” the flight on Mondays. The passengers are carried by airplanes Àirbus À321.

 ”Direct regular flight from Samara to Istanbul is the long-awaited addition to our schedule. I am sure, that the passengers will duly appreciate not just the service of the airline, but also the connections, provided for by the airport of Istanbul.  I am sure, that our cooperation with “Atlasglobal” airline will be long-term and beneficial“, said Konstantin Bulinin, executive director at “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.

 “Openin new flights, we continue to broaden our network, which now consists of more than 50 routes. We are sure, that bright future is reserved for our Samara destination”, says Nezhdet Tashchi, director of the representative office of “Atlasglobal” in Russia.

The fleet of “Atlasglobal” airline consists of 27 planes Airbus A319, A320 and A321, and its route nework consists of more than 50 destinations with departure from Istanbul. Detailed information about the tariffs and carriage terms is available on the web-site  www.atlasglb.com


“Kurumoch” has switched to spring-summer flight timetable

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) switched to the spring-summer schedule of flights. The new season will be characterized by the significant increase in the number of direct regular flights of foreign airlines from Samara.

The long-awaited novelty of the schedule – flight connection with Istanbul, three new airlines are planning to operate this route. Turkish airline “Atlasglobal” will open the new route in the end of March; on the 11th of April “Turkish Airlines” will start making flights on this route, and “Pegasus Airlines” will join in in the end of April. If the plans of the companies come true in full, by using the services of the said three carriers, it will be possible to take a flight to the capital of Turkey from Samara on all days of the week. Besides, in the end of April “Atlasglobal” airline is planning to launch direct regular flights to Antalya. Popular with passengers direct flights to Prague (Czech Airlines), Helsinki (Finnair), Saloniki and Iraklion (Ellinair), Dubai (flydubai), as well as to Burgas, Tel-Aviv and Tivat (“Ural airlines”) remain in the schedule of flights.

“This year our passengers will have a wide choice of direct flights to CIS and non-CIS countries, to the airports with excellent connection facilities — Helsinki, Prague, Istanbul. For those, who are used to flying via Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, depending on the day of the week, there will be respectively up to 17 and up to 3 flights available a day” - says Konstantin Bulinin, executive director of “Kurumoch” international airport”.

The new schedule came into force on March 27, 2017. Until the end of October the ailines will carry passengers on 46 regular direct destinations. Detailed schedule is available on the site of the airport http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov.


“Kurumoch” is for the first time among the best airports of Russia and CIS, according to World Airport Awards (Skytrax)

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) is for the first time among the top airports of the world, made by the acclaimed industry agency  “Skytrax” (Great Brotain) within the framework of the “World Airport Awards” prize. The airport of Samara came eighth in the category “The best airport of the macro-region Russia and CIS” and third in the category “The best regional airport of the macro-region Russia and CIS”.

“World Airport Awards” is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards for the airports in the sphere of quality of service. This award is also called “Passenger’s Choice Awards”, as it is awarded following the results of feedback from passengers. In the poll which took place from June of 2016 till February of 2017, took part about 14 million travellers from more than 100 countries of the world. Passengers evaluate the airport in 39 parameters (convenience of registration, going through inspection, etc.).

“Such international recognition is, no doubt, very pleasant, as this is the result of the serious work carried out during all the last years. We have built one of the most up-to-date, convenient and beautiful airports in Russia, and every day we continue to work on the development of services for passengers”, says Konstantin Bylinin, executive director at “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.


After cancellation of visas to the UAE the passenger traffic to Dubai has increased by three times

“Kurumoch” International Airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) observes more than a three-fold increase in the passenger traffic to Dubai, following the results of February, 2017. During the month this destination was used by 2,4 thousand people, which is 224% more than in the February of 2016. By way of comparison, the growth of the aggregate international passenger traffic of the airport of Samara during February amounted to 82%.

One of the main reasons of the sharp increase in the passenger traffic in this destination is the resolution on liberalisation of visa regime between the UAE and Russia. Beginning with February 1, 2017, RF nationals, planning tourist visits to the UAE, don't need to obtain an electronic visa beforehand. Visas are issued free of charge on arrival to the country (before, the cost of the visa for an adult traveller was 85 dollars). The airport statistics reflect the impact of the said factor: in January 2017, inspite of long holidays, the passenger traffic from “Kurumoch” to Dubai increased in comparison with January 2016 just by 63%.

Please, keep in mind, that one may get from Samara to Dubai by direct flights of  “flydubai” airline and charter flights of “Royal Flight” airline. Detailed schedule is available on the web-site of the airport http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov.


More flights from Samara to the cities of the Privolzhsky Federal District

“Orenburzhe” airline increases the frequency of flights from “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions

holding) to the cities of the Privolzhsky Federal District. Thus, with the switch to the spring-summer schedule, coming in force on the 26th of March, the flights on the route Orenburg-Samara -Orenburg will become daily (3 flights a week during winter period). The frequency of flights on the routes Samara-Kazan-Samara (6 flights a week, all days except Saturday) and Perm-Samara-Perm (flights on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) is increased by one flight. The route Samara-Kirov-Samara will retain the frequency of 3 flights a week. Detailed schedule and carriage terms are available of the web-site of the airline http://www.orenairport.ru/ak-orenburzhe.

“Orenburzhe” airline is the commercial brand of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Orenburg region “Airport Orenburg”. The main part of flights is performed by 17-seat airplanes L-410. In 2016 the airline performed more than 9 thousand flights, carrying about 100 thousand residents of different regions, encompassing the territory from the Privolzhsky Federal District to the Arctic Circle.


From Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk

The schedule of regular flights of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) is expanded to include the cities of the Ural Federal District. Now one may get from Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk without the connection in Moscow. Carriage of passengers is performed by “UVT AERO” airline.

Flight Samara- Khanty-Mansijsk — every Monday, departure at 19.00 local time (beginning with the 27th of March, after switch to the spring-summer schedule the departure time will be moved to 19.45). Return flight Khanty-Mansijsk- Samara — on Thursdays at 12.55 (beginning with the 27th of March, on Wednesdays, departure at 13.55).

One may fly from Samara to Salekhard on Saturdays at 08.35 (beginning with the end of March on Fridays 09.00). Return flights are performed on Mondays at 14.20 (after the 27th of March - at 15.10).

Ticket prices, carriage terms and flights schedule are available on the web-site http://uvtaero.ru/. “UVT AERO” is the airline of the Republic of Tatarstan, performing regular carriage of passengers. The base airports of “UVT AERO” are “Bugulma” airport and “Kazan” international airport. The fleet of the airline cinsists of 50-seat airplanes  Bombardier CRJ-200.




New Flight Samara-Krasnoyarsk

“Saratov airlines” launches a new regular flight from “Kurumoch” International Airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). Flights on the route Samara-Krasnoyarsk will be performed from the 23rd of April to the 2nd of October 2017, on Sundays. Besides, in the spring-summer schedule the airline from Saratov will again operate the flight Samara-Mineralnye Vody, which was popular with passengers last season, departure every Sunday.

Duration of the flight Krasnoyarsk – Samara is 4 hours 25 minutes, Samara-Mineralnye Vody- 2 hours. Regular flights Mineralnye Vody -Samara- Krasnoyarsk will be operated on the plane Àn-148, capacity 83 seats in economy class. Tariffs, schedule and carriage terms are available on the web-site of the airline www.saratovairlines.ru.


The fleet of cars of “Kurumoch” airport is increased with new 7 series BMW cars

BMW Group Russia have become the exclusive sponsor of “Kurumoch” airport in the sphere of transport services to the passengers of VIP-terminal. Now executive sedans BMW 7 series are used to take them on board. The cars appeared in the fleet of the airport as the result of the unique agreement, concluded between BMW Group Russia and “Aeroporty regionov” holding. In accordance with this agreement, Russian representative office of the German  group of companies provided 12 sedans BMW 7 series to be used by the airports of the holding. For BMW Group Russia this is the first experience of direct interaction with regional airports, in which the car-maker acts as the exclusive  partner and shuttle-services supplier.

  - Interaction with BMW Group Russia implies not just using cars for transportation of passengers, but also use of the manufacturer's brand in decoration of VIP-terminals. “The interest of BMW Group Russia in such format of cooperation with regional airports once more confirms, that we have achieved a really high level of passenger service”, notes Tatjana Bateneva, director for non-aviation  commerce at the Managing Company “Aeroporty regionov”.

Today this service may be used by the clients of just four Russian airports, forming part of “Aeroporty regionov” holding.


“Turkish Airlines” begins flights Samara-Istanbul

Flagship airline of the Republic of Turkey “Turkish Airlines” will carry passengers of “Kurumoch” International Airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) on the route Samara-Istanbul. The first flight is planned for April 11, 2017. Further on there will be three direct regular flights a week. Departure from Istanbul - on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 20.30, from Samara- on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays at 02.05 (local time). Detailed information about tariffs and carriage terms is available on the official web-site  www.turkishairlines.com.

“We are glad to welcome the new regular carrier in the airport of Samara. This airline has many times been recognized as the best in Europe. No doubt, passengers of “Kurumoch” international airport will duly appreciate not only the service onboard, but also the extensive route network of “Turkish Airlines”, as well as the possibilities provided by the airport of Istanbul for flights all over the world”, says Konstantin Bylinin, executive director of “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.

 “Turkish Airlines” was established in 1933, and at that time it had the fleet of five planes. Today the airline has the 4-star status and is the member of “Star Alliance”, and its fleet consists of 335 planes (passenger and cargo planes).  The route network includes 296 destinations all over the world, of them 247 international and 49 domestic. In 2016 “Turkish Airlines” for the sixth time in a row was recognized by “Skytrax” as the “Best airline of Europe” and for the eighth time in a row as the “Best airline of the Southern Eupore”. In 2010 it came first in the category “Best economy class catering”, in 2013 and in 2014 – in the category “Best business class catering”. In 2016 it got the awards from “Skytrax” for the “Best business


More than a thousand dump trucks of snow were cleaned off from the airfield of the airport of Samara

From the beginning of December till the end of February the airfield service of  “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) cleaned off from the airfield 22 thousand cubic meters of snow, to which end the special-purpose transport (dump trucks and tractors with trailer cars) had to make more than a thousand of runs. The most strained period for the airport were last ten days of December and first ten days of January, when heavy precipitation was registered in the Samara region.

 - The main challenges in our work are related to constant traffic of airplanes, strict requirements as to the condition of the airfield and promptmess of cleaning. We work, when simultaneously there is a lot of special-purpose equipment and many employees on the airfield apron, and this requires increased attention, compliance with the rules of labour and technological discipline, as well as compliance with safety rules by all participants of the process”, tells Vasilij Dokuchaev, head of the airfield service of “Kurumoch” airport.

The airfield infrastructure is cleaned round o'clock, the area of the cleaned territory exceeds 600 thousand square meters, which is comparable with 70 football fields. That said, in accordance with existing rules, in order to maintain the flight worthiness of the airfield, the maximum height of fresh snow shall not exceed 12 mm. That is why, in case of first signs of snowfall, the equipment switches to the “patrol” mode, maintaining  the cleanness of the runway, taxi ways, parking places and airfield apron, irrespective of the time of the day.


“UVT AERO” airline begins flights from Samara to Perm, Salekhard, Khanty-Mansijsk and Surgut

“UVT AERO” airline launches regular flights from “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). The first flight on the route Samara-Perm is planned for the 1st of March. The flights will be performed on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The flights are made by the planes CRJ-200.

 The said airline will unite Samara with the cities of the Ural Federal District (regular flights with connection in Perm):

  • Samara – Khanty-Mansijsk on Mondays;

  • Khanty-Mansijsk - Samara on Thursdays;

  • Samara– Salekhard on Saturdays;

  • Salekhard -Samara on Mondays;

  • Samara– Surgut on Thursdays.

Ticket prices, carriage terms and flights schedule is available on the web-site of the airline. “UVT AERO” is the alirline of the republic of Tatarstan, which performs regular carriage of passengers. Base airports of “UVT AERO” are “Bugulma” airport and “Kazan” international airport. The fleet of the airline consists of 50-seat planes Bombardier CRJ-200.


International passenger traffic of the airport of Samara has increased by 70%

"Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) during January of 2017 serviced 15% more passengers than during the same period of the last year – 159,6 thousand passengers compared to 138,9 thousand. The highest increase of the passenger traffic is observed at international flights, the increase amounted to 70%, in January these routes were used by 28 thousand passengers. The passenger traffic increase at domestic flights amounted to nearly 8%. In January of 2017 the airlines, making flights from the airport of Samara,  made 854 sorties.

It is notable, that the increase of the passenger traffic is due to the launching of new destinations during the winter season, the flights on which were not performed a year ago - Alma-Aty, Antalya, Tel-Aviv, Krabi (Thailand), as well as due to development of popular flights, such as Saint-Petersburg (+46%), Dubai (+63%), Sochi (+35%), Prague (+24%).

Please keep in mind, that the web-site of the airport of Samara in the section “Tourism” http://samara.aero/ru/turizm contains monitoring of the prices of travel products with departure from Samara. Analysis of prices for package tours shows, that the price of many travel products with departure from Samara and from Moscow is practically the same, but in the latter case one will have to add the price of the flight Samara-Moscow-Samara to the budget of the trip.


The passengers of the airport of Samara have carried more than 16.5 mln kg of luggage

Ground handling service of “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) during the year processed 1 173 120 luggage pieces, with the total weight of 16 556 019 kg.

Outgoing passengers registered as luggage 587 113 suitcases and bags which in aggregate weight  8 285 321 kg. Arriving travellers took from the belt of the luggage carousel 586 007 pieces of luggage with the total weight of 8 270 698 kg. The average weight of one suitcase of a passenger of the Samara airport-15 kg.

The airport statistics also includes “luggage geography”. Thus, among the flights to the South-Eastern Asia most of the suitcases belong to the passengers, who travel to Bangkok, on the post-USSR territory the leaders are Dushanbe and OSH, on domestic Russian flights — Moscow and Sochi. The largest amount of luggage is processed at the height of the holiday season in July and the least  - in February.

“The passengers don't see the whole zone of the luggage package area, the size of which is comparable with the registration hall. Four luggage carousels are hidden beside the customary registration stalls. The suitcase, registered for the flight, travels on average 75 meters along the carousel. Then it is unloaded on the luggage towing car, depending on the parking place of the aircraft, the suitcase may further travel along the airfield apron the distance of up to 2 km, until it gets onboard the airplane”, tells Vyacheslav Gorshkov, head of the ground handling service of “Kurumoch” international airport.

Unloading one domestic flight takes up to 15 minutes, international — up to  25 minutes (the time is counted not from the moment of landing which is indicated on the  information board, but from the moment of parking of the airplane). Loading luggage takes a little more time: it begins right after ending of registration, and all luggage must be onboard the plane not later that 10 minutes before dispatch of the plane.


Start of sale of tickets for the direct flight Samara-Istanbul

Tirkish airline “Atlasglobal” has started selling tickets for regular direct flights from  “Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). The first flight on the route Istanbul-Samara is planned for March 10, 2017.

Before the ending of the fall-winter navigation there will be two flights to Samara a week-  on Tuesdays and Fridays at 22.45, flights from Samara - on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 7.00 am local time. When the spring-summer navigation begins, the frequency of the flights increases. Thus, beginning with the 26th of March the flight Istanbul-Samara will be performed every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 22.10. The return flights are every Monday, Thursday and Saturday at 4.55. It is planned to use Àirbus 321 airplane for carriage of passengers. Detailed information about ticket prices and carriage terms is available on the web-site of the arline https://www.atlasglb.com/en

“Atlasjet Airlines” was founded on March 14, 2001 in Turkey, the first flight took place on June 1, 2001. Beginning with 2015, after rebranding, the company has the name   “Atlasglobal”. The route network of the airline includes both domestic flights and flights to the cities of Northern Cyprus, Europe, Asia and Middle East. The fleet of “Atlasglobal” consists of 27 airplanes: 1 Àirbus 319, 9 Àirbus 320 and 17 Àirbus321.

“At present there is increased activity of Turkish airlines in the destination of Russia. In the destination Samara-Istanbul the slots were requested and confirmed to four Turkish airlines, one of which has already started selling tickets. Nearly the same picture is at the destination Samara-Antalya”, clarifies  Sergej Dotsenko, director for development of aviation business at the Managing company “Aeroporty regionov” JSC.


“Kurumoch” international airport held the study of preferences of its passengers

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) held the sociological study in order to know better its passengers, degree of their satisfaction with the services rendered by the airport. About one thousand passengers of domestic and international flights were polled in the course of the study.

Thus, about 60% of passengers - people 25-44 years of age. 37% named the business trip as the purpose of the domestic flight, 28% - vacation, 24% - visits to relatives and friends, living in other cities. The picture at international routes was completly different -more than 80% took a flight to have a rest. One in ten passengers of the Samara airport takes domestic flights once a month, one in five - 2-3 times a month. But there were also first-time passengers – this is 8,5% of the polled passengers, and the amount of such passengers increased nearly three times in comparison with the last year. One in five passengers uses international flights once in 6 months, and more than a half of all polled passengers - once a year. That said, 28% of passengers prefer to take flights without luggage, the rest take luggage with them. According to 23 passengers, the counter at the airport is the most convenient mode of registration for the flight.

Travellers highly value the cafes and restaurants on the territory of the airport. The airport constantly perfects the quality of service and increases the level of service, today in Kurumoch there are 6 coffee bars and restaurants, more than 10 shops, pharmacy, one bank branch, 5 ATMs. The most popular services among the passengers are: packing of luggage, coffee and snacks selling machines, as well as ATMs. Among the services, which the polled passengers plan to use in the future– ordering food onboard, reservation of tours and advance orders with duty free shops.

“For the development of the airport it is very important to understand who are your passengers, how they change, what are they satisfied with, what is to be improved. That is why we hold such a study every year. The passenger passes about 130 minutes in the terminal, and he/she should feel comfortable”, summarizes Konstantin Bylinin, executive director of “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.


Flying from Samara to Russian resorts has become more often

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding) has summed up the results of operation during the year of 2016. From January till December the services of the airport were used by 2 092 042 passengers, which is 5% less than the aggregate passenger traffic for the previous year. During the whole year the positive dynamics was deminstrated by the passenger traffic on domestic Russian routes, by the end of the year the passenger traffic amounted to 1754 463 passengers (+13%), international flights were used by 337 579 passengers (- 48%).

In 2016 airlines performed 23,9 thousand take-off and landing operations. The flights were made in 120 destinations, out of which 51 are regular ones. Last year the airport of Samara on a regular basis cooperated with 31 airlines.

According to the data of airport statistics, Moscow destination retains its popularity, the passenger traffic on flights to Moscow during 2016 increased by 15% and amounted to 1195 859 passengers. The second place as per the popularity belongs traditionally to Saint-Petersburg, however last year the passenger traffic became less (146 591 passengers, -14%). It is the first time that the third place belongs to the Russian resort city of Sochi, the traffic in this destination actually increased three times from 26,7 thousand passengers in 2015 to 82,3 thousand in 2016. There is one more Russian resort in the top-5 of the most popular destinations of the last year. Giving way to Surgut (65,6 thousand passengers), Simferopol is the last in the top-five of the destinations in respect of the passenger traffic with the figure of 55,1 thousand passengers (+58%).

It is worth mentioning, that last year the passenger traffic to Russian resorts actually doubled. Sochi, Simferopol, Anapa, Gelendzhik, and Mineralye Vody were chosen as the place of rest by 154,9 thousand passengers. The amount of holiday-makers abroad is higher - 207,8 thousand passengers. However, this traffic was secured by 20 destinations.

The airlines, making flights from Samara, noticeably expanded their route networks. Thus, in 2016 “Rusline” airline launched direct flights to Tyumen, Rostov-on-Don, Gelendzhik, as well as transfer flights to Novyj Urengoj, Nadym, Noyabrsk. “Ural airlines” implemented the large-scale program of flights across CIS countries (Dushanbe, Erevan, OSH) and non-CIS countries (Tivat, Burgas, Dubai, Tel-Aviv).  “Saratov airlines” started carrying passengers on the route Samara-Mineralnye vody. In 2016 the airport of Samara for the first time implemented the international transfer technology, the debut flight was on the route Moscow-Samara-Alma-Aty of the “Pobeda” airline.

“Objectively, the year was not a simple one, but we worked in a decent way. In 2016 the passengers called the airport of Samara one of the best in the country, which, no doubt, is very pleasant. I am sure that we' ll approach the anniversary — 60 years from the moment of opening of the airport in December 2017- with significant increase of all operational indicators”, - underlines Konstantin Bulinin, executive director of “Kurumoch” international airport” JSC.


Results of operation of “Kurumoch” international airport during New Year holidays

“Kurumoch” international airport (forms part of member of Airports of Regions) has summed up the results of operation during the period of New Year holidays. From December 30, 2016 till January 9, 2017 inclusive, the operating services of the airport serviced 59 266 passengers. This exceeds by 17% the number of passengers serviced during the same period of 2015-2016. Significant growth was observed in respect of international routes; it amounts to 73%.

From December 30, 2016 till January 9, 2017 airlines made 627 flights in Samara destination, and the airport services processed 522 tons of luggage, which is 15% more than two years before. The most popular domestic destinations were Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Surgut, Sochi, as well as the flight to Alma-Aty. As for international routes, the leaders as per the passenger traffic were Prague, Dubai, Krabi (Thailand), Helsinki, Goa (India).


In the year 2012 Kurumoch International Airport successfully improved all its main business figures. The number of handled passengers during the last 12 months was 9% up.

In 2012 Samara Airport welcomed 1 890 483 passengers and experienced strong growth of 9% comparing with the previous year. Thereby the annual passenger flow of the airport is closely approaching the 2 million mark. Kurumoch Airport specialists are sure that the traffic figures could be higher but unfortunately the lack of terminal capacity is considered to be one of the main limiting factors for today.
The last year filled up the aviation business market of the Samara Region with a number of new airlines. The Greek carrier “Astra Airlines” officially integrated its flights to Thessaloniki; “Ak Bars Aero” connected Samara with Kazan and Sochi on a regular basis; “NordStar Airlines” launched regular flights to Norilsk and Rostov. The weekly frequency of flights between Samara and Ekaterinburg increased from 7 to 10 because of “RusLain” airline which now joined “Ural Airlines” and “UTair” already serving this regular destination. Moreover two biggest Russian airlines “Aeroflot” and “S7 Airlines” offered more flights on the popular Samara-Moscow route. So the total number of flights to the Russian capital is now amounts to 12 departures per day. In 2012 Kurumoch Airport also enriched the choice of leisure destinations for Samara tourists by adding such new cities as Aqaba (Jordan), Sharjah (UAE) and Burgas (Bulgaria).
Other figures of the Airport business activity during the year 2012 have also increased recently. Kurumoch Airport saw 21 096 aircraft movements, recording a 5% growth when compared with the year 2011. The MTOW was up 3 percentage points over the year-ago period and amounted to 1 362 188 tones. Air cargo and mail demand was significantly stronger by 11% (4 746 tones) compared to the previous year.
Such airlines as "UTair", "Aeroflot - Russian Airlines", “Orenair”, “Ural Airlines” and “S7 Airlines" showed the most considerable increase in 2012.

Kurumoch offers new discount program for the airlines

The special discount system was implemented at Samara airport in order to attract new airlines as well as to support those which are now operating in the Samara Region. It provides discounts for the carriers which are going to launch new flights or increase the frequency on the existing destinations.

Discount program requirements and conditions are publicly available and stay the same for all the airlines. The discounts will cover some of the airport charges. Passenger flights launched on the new destinations will be given up to 60% discount during the fist two years, additional flights on the existing destinations will get 40% off, at the same time a special discount for any cargo flight will amount to 40%.

The new program will help not only to make flight geography much wider by adding new destinations but also to attract new carriers to Kurumoch airport and increase the transfer passenger flow and main traffic figures in general.

Incentive program for airlines has been successfully operating at Koltsovo airport since 2009. The carriers are able to bring commercial risks down; at the same time the passengers get best available rates and more opportunities for choosing the preferable destination.


Kurumoch International airport announced its global traffic results for 11 months of the year 2012. The number of welcomed passengers is approaching the 2 million mark.

SAMARA airport

During the January-November period of 2012 Samara Airport handled 1 750 066 passengers recording the 8.6% growth compared to the year-ago period.  The number of passengers who travelled on regular and charter flights from Samara considerably climbed. Kurumoch airport saw 1 034 419 checked-in domestic passengers (+4.6%) and 715 654 international travelers (+15%).  

Most of the tourists in the last 11 months flew to such Russian cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg and Surgut while those who travelled abroad preferred Dubai, Prague, Frankfurt as well as such leisure destinations as Antalya, Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh.  

The expected passenger flow of Samara Airport by the end of the year will closely approach the 2 million mark.  

Together with the passenger traffic through Kurumoch, other figures of that period have also increased recently. Mail and cargo traffic (together with transit) was up by 11% year-on-year and amounted to 4 311.2 tones. During the last 11 months the airlines performed 19 494 aircraft movements demonstrating the 5.2% rise when compared with the corresponding period in 2011. The MTOW result recorded at Kurumoch International Airport amounted to 1 255 617 tones that is about 3.5% higher than in the last year. 

Such carriers as UTair”, ”Aeroflot - Russian Airlines”, “S7 Airlines”,“Orenair”, “Ural Airlines” experienced the most sizeable growth in the figures of January-November period 2012.  


Samara Airport outfitted its passengers with free Wi-Fi access in the passenger terminal

Today all air travelers departing from Kurumoch International Airport can enjoy high speed wireless Internet connection in the common lounges, check-in counters and Business Lounge for free. The 4 Mbps connection speed is now available for all the laptop users waiting for their flight in the passenger terminal.

The Internet service was implemented by the Airport in cooperation with “Samara-Transtelecom” CJSC. Wireless networks of this Company fulfill all the modern connection requirements and are well known for their wide coverage and safety.

In the future Kurumoch Airport is planning to expand the Wi-Fi coverage area and enlarge the range of high technology services for its passengers.

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