Kurumoch hasswitched tospring-summer flight timetable

Kurumoch international airport (forms part ofAirports ofRegions holding) switched tothespring-summer schedule offlights. Thenewseason will becharacterized bythesignificant increase inthenumber ofdirect regular flights offoreign airlines from Samara.

The long-awaited novelty of the schedule flight connection with Istanbul, three new airlines are planning to operate this route. Turkish airline Atlasglobal will open the new route in the end of March; on the 11th of April Turkish Airlines will start making flights on this route, and Pegasus Airlines will join in in the end of April. If the plans of the companies come true in full, by using the services of the said three carriers, it will be possible to take a flight to the capital of Turkey from Samara on all days of the week. Besides, in the end of April Atlasglobal airline is planning to launch direct regular flights to Antalya. Popular with passengers direct flights to Prague (Czech Airlines), Helsinki (Finnair), Saloniki and Iraklion (Ellinair), Dubai (flydubai), as well as to Burgas, Tel-Aviv and Tivat (Ural airlines) remain in the schedule of flights.

This year our passengers will have a wide choice of direct flights to CIS and non-CIS countries, to the airports with excellent connection facilities Helsinki, Prague, Istanbul. For those, who are used to flying via Moscow and Saint-Petersburg,depending on the day of the week, there will be respectively up to 17 and up to 3 flights available a day - says Konstantin Bulinin, executive director of Kurumoch international airport.

The new schedule came into force on March 27, 2017. Until the end of October the ailines will carry passengers on 46 regular direct destinations.Detailed schedule is available on the site of the airport http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov.

Kurumoch isforthefirst time among thebest airports ofRussia andCIS, according toWorld Airport Awards (Skytrax)

Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) is for the first time among the top airports of the world, made by the acclaimed industry agency Skytrax (Great Brotain) within the framework of the World Airport Awards prize. The airport of Samara came eighth in the category The best airport of the macro-region Russia and CIS and third in the category The best regional airport of the macro-region Russia and CIS.

World Airport Awards is regarded as one of the most prestigious awards for the airports in the sphere of quality of service. This award is also called Passengers Choice Awards, as it is awarded following the results of feedback from passengers. In the poll which took place from June of 2016 till February of 2017, took part about 14 million travellers from more than 100 countries of the world. Passengers evaluate the airport in 39 parameters (convenience of registration, going through inspection, etc.).

Such international recognition is, no doubt, very pleasant, as this is the result of the serious work carried out during all the last years. We have built one of the most up-to-date, convenient and beautiful airports in Russia, and every day we continue to work on the development of services for passengers, says Konstantin Bylinin, executive director at Kurumoch international airport JSC.

After cancellation ofvisas totheUAEthepassenger traffic toDubai hasincreased bythree times

Kurumoch International Airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) observes more than a three-fold increase in the passenger traffic to Dubai, following the results of February, 2017. During the month this destination was used by 2,4 thousand people, which is 224% more than in the February of 2016. By way of comparison, the growth of the aggregate international passenger traffic of the airport of Samara during February amounted to 82%.

One of the main reasons of the sharp increase in the passenger traffic in this destination is the resolution on liberalisation of visa regime between the UAE and Russia. Beginning with February 1, 2017, RF nationals, planning tourist visits to the UAE, don't need to obtain an electronic visa beforehand. Visas are issued free of charge on arrival to the country (before, the cost of the visa for an adult traveller was 85 dollars). The airport statistics reflect the impact of the said factor: in January 2017, inspite of long holidays, the passenger traffic from Kurumoch to Dubai increased in comparison with January 2016 just by63%.

Please, keep in mind, that one may get from Samara to Dubai by direct flights of flydubai airline and charter flights of Royal Flight airline. Detailed schedule is available on the web-site of the airport http://samara.aero/ru/raspisanie_reysov.

More flights from Samara tothecities ofthePrivolzhsky Federal District

Orenburzhe airline increases thefrequency offlights from Kurumoch international airport (forms part ofAirports ofRegions

holding) to the cities of the Privolzhsky Federal District. Thus, with the switch to the spring-summer schedule, coming in force on the 26th of March, the flights on the route Orenburg-Samara -Orenburg will become daily (3 flights a week during winter period). The frequency of flights on the routes Samara-Kazan-Samara (6 flights a week, all days except Saturday) and Perm-Samara-Perm (flights on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) is increased by one flight. The route Samara-Kirov-Samara will retain the frequency of 3 flights a week. Detailed schedule and carriage terms are available of the web-site of the airline http://www.orenairport.ru/ak-orenburzhe.

Orenburzhe airline is the commercial brand of the State Unitary Enterprise of the Orenburg region Airport Orenburg. The main part of flights is performed by 17-seat airplanes L-410. In 2016 the airline performed more than 9 thousand flights, carrying about 100 thousand residents of different regions, encompassing the territory from the Privolzhsky Federal District to the Arctic Circle.

From Samara toSalekhard andKhanty-Mansijsk

The schedule of regular flights of Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) is expanded to include the cities of the Ural Federal District. Now one may get from Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk without the connection in Moscow. Carriage of passengers is performed by UVT AERO airline.

Flight Samara- Khanty-Mansijsk every Monday, departure at 19.00 local time (beginning with the 27th of March, after switch to the spring-summer schedule the departure time will be moved to 19.45). Return flight Khanty-Mansijsk- Samara on Thursdays at 12.55 (beginning with the 27th of March, on Wednesdays, departure at 13.55).

One may fly from Samara to Salekhard on Saturdays at 08.35 (beginning with the end of March on Fridays 09.00). Return flights are performed on Mondays at 14.20 (after the 27th of March - at 15.10).

Ticket prices, carriage terms and flights schedule are available on the web-site http://uvtaero.ru/. UVT AERO is the airline of the Republic of Tatarstan, performing regular carriage of passengers.The base airports of UVT AERO are Bugulma airport and Kazan international airport. The fleet of the airline cinsists of 50-seat airplanes Bombardier CRJ-200.

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