International passenger traffic ofKurumoch airport increased three times during Mayholidays

From the 1sttillthe 9th ofMay of 2017Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) serviced 58,8 thousand passengers, which is 45% more than the same indicator for the last year. During this period airlines made 313 sorties.

Nearly third of the aggregate passenger traffic - 18,8 thousand people travelled by international flights. Airport statistics clearly demonstrates the fast-moving dynamics of return of interest for international tourism: last year the number of passengers who travelled by direct foreign flights, amounted to just 6,5 thousand people. hus, the international passenger traffic of the airport of Samara in the beginning of May of 2017 practically increased three times. 50% of passengers (9,4 thousand) used the destination Samara-Antalya. This nearly 9 times exceeds the result of the Russian rival of Turkey Sochi, which was chosen by 1022 passengers.

Among domestic Russian destinations one can point out Saint-Petersburg, the passenger traffic to this city from Samara increased by 90%. Thus, the top-ten destinations, popular among passengers of Kurumoch following the results of May holidays, is the following: Moscow, Antalya, Saint-Petersburg, Alma-Aty, Istanbul, Ekaterinburg, Dubai, Larnaka, Sochi (the cities are given with the decrease of the passenger traffic).

During Mayholidays veterans will beserviced free ofcharge inthebusiness terminal ofKurumoch airport

Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) congratulates all passengers and their family members with the Victory day! Please, keep in mind, that during the period of celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War the airport of Samara implements the special system of servicing veterans and accompanying persons, which provides for the following:

  • priority servicing ofveterans inthecourse ofregistration andcontrol ofgoing through theboarding gate,

  • priority servicing ofveterans when passing through pre-flight control;

  • placing special marking labels ontheluggage ofveterans andtheir accompanying persons with theaimofensuring priority unloading ofthecargo inthearrival airport;

  • providing veterans andaccompanying persons with thebusiness terminal service free ofcharge, providing support inthecourse oftheservice.

Detailed information is available at the information counter, which is located in the center of the departure zone, on the first floor of the airport, as well as from the administrator of the airport over the tel. (846) 966 51 82.

From Samara toGelendzhik

There is a new flight in the schedule of resort destinations of Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding). UVT AERO airline begins carrying passengers on the route Gelendzhik-Samara-Gelendzhik. The flights to this resort town, located on the Black sea seaside of the Caucases, will be performed on Mondays and Fridays, during the period from June 30 to September 22, 2017.

Departure from Gelendzhik at 13:20, arrival to Samara at 16:30 (local time).

Departure from Samara at 17:20, arrival to Gelendzhik at 18:40 (local time).

The carriage of passengers shall be performed by CRJ-200 aircrafts. The prices of tickets and carriage terms are available on the web-site of the airline http://uvtaero.ru/.

UVT AERO is the airline from the republic of Tatarstan.The base airports of UVT AERO airline are Bugulma airport and Kazan international airport. The fleet of the airline consists of 50-seat airplanes Bombardier CRJ-200. In 2017 the airline opened flights from Samara to Salekhard and Khanty-Mansijsk.

Catering atKurumoch hasswitched tothenewspring-summer menu

Catering at Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) has switched to the new onboard menu for passengers travelling by business and economy-class, as well as for the crew members. The new menu includes more than 200 dishes.

Feature of the menu of the new season expansion of the range of own bread and bakery products and sandwiches. Apart from traditional club-sandwiches, now airlines may choose for their passengers kaskrut with servelat sausage on malt ciabatta with tartar sauce, bavarian leberkase or pan bagnat with the filling of salad with chicken fillet. The range of sandwiches has increased from 5 to 13 positions.

Menu for business class has been updated by 70%. hus, for example, among starters now there are such dishes, as salmon souffle and turkey roll with dried apricots and pistachios. Among main course dishes one may order, for example, salmon on asparagus in sesame or medallions with julienne from oyster mushrooms. Besides, the range of breakfast dishes has significantly expanded, and now it includes practically everything: from muffins to vietnamese banh mi.

New menu is already available to be ordered by airlines for their passengers and crews. Catering service of Kurumoch international Airport every day makes up to 2 thousand sandwiches and up to 500 hot dishes for onboard catering.

Shop Sibirsky kedr hasopened attheKurumoch international airport

Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports ofRegions holding) improves the fill-up of its shop gallery. Thus, in the domestic flights departure zone there is a new shop of eco-factory Sibirsky kedr (Tomsk). The shop specializes in natural food products made of nuts and berries. According to the manufacturer, the Tomsk region occupies the third place in respect of the operation potential of cedar nuts in the Siberian Federal District. Eco-factory Sibirsky kedr was the first on the market of confectionery products to create sweet treats on the basis of cedar nuts, having worked out the receipts of several types of sweets. In particular, in the airport one can buy:

  • Cedar brittle with cranberry/seaberry/blueberry inchocolate icing

  • Cedar marzipan inchocolate icing

  • Cedar sticks inchocolate icing

  • Fruit sweets Frutoden with cedar nuts anddried fruit (dates, dried plums, dried apricots) inchocolate icing

  • Cedar khalva.

New sales outlet is located in the passenger terminal building, on the 3 floor, after the pre-flight check zone.

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