Thenewwelcome-photo zone isopened ontheterritory ofSamara airport

An exhibition dedicated to Samara sights and Samara Region nature has been opened in domestic and international flights arrival lounge of Kurumoch international airport (forms part of Airports of Regions holding). Famous Samara photographers Vladimir Sverkalov and Vitaly Politov, as well as "Samarskaya Gazeta", Komsomolskaya Pravda-Samara, Bigvill, and 63.ru participated in its organization. The exhibition also contains a part of photo collection of Samara Region Tourism department.

The place for the exhibition was not chosen randomly, these photos are the first thing that passengers see when they come out of a boarding bridge, that is why we call it a welcome-photo exhibition. Kurumoch airport is an air gate of the region, and we want to show our guests and to remind the citizens of the unique beauty of our home, pointed out Konstantin Bylinin, Executive Director of Kurumoch international airport. The photo exhibition will run until the end of the year.

It should be reminded that recently a solo exhibition by Italian artist Marco Grassi has opened on the territory of Samara airport; it is situated on the third floor of the airport terminal in domestic flights departure area, after the departure formalities area. Besides, in domestic flight baggage claim area, there is a photo exhibition celebrating three years since the launch of Finnair flights from Samara.

SAMARA airport

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The new welcome-photo zone is opened on the territory of Samara airport
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