Kurumoch Express

Aeroexpress train

When was Aeroexpress launched?

The route Airport-Samara-Airport was opened on August 2, 2016.

How often will the trains run?

Since November 1 , 2016 there will be 4 runs a day: two in the direction Samara-Airport, and two in the direction Airport-Samara.

Where can I get to know the schedule?

The schedule of runs is published on the site of the Samarskaya Prigorodnanya Passazhirskaya Kompania (Samara Suburbian Passenger Company) at the address http://samppk.ru/, and also on the site of the airport.

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It is not convenient for me to go to the site every time I need to know the schedule. Where else can I get to know the schedule?

At the enquiry counter (in the center of the first floor of the airport terminal).

What is the travel time of the electric train?

The travel time from the Kurumoch airport to the railway station amounts to 1 hour 20 minutes.

Does the train have stops?

Along the route of the train six stops are envisaged at the stations of Starosemejkino, Vodinskaya, Yagodnaya, Srednevolzhskaya, Pyatiletka, Stakhanovskaya.

How much does the ticket cost?

The cost of travel in the suburbian train Samara-Airport irrespective of the trip distance amounts to 150 RUB; children's ticket - 75 RUB. The price of the ticket includes the cost of travel by the special shuttle-bus to/from the airport, as well as luggage transportation fare.

Where can I buy the ticket?

The tickets are sold hands-on in the trains.

Can use a bank card to buy the ticket?

In electric trains of this route the tickets are sold only for cash.

Can I buy a ticket right away in the terminal of the airport?

As of now the tickets are sold only in electric trains.

How can one get to the railway platform?

One can get from the airport terminal to the railway platform by the special shuttle bus. This bus also takes passengers from the railway platform to the airport terminal. The shuttle bus fare and the cost of luggage transportation are included into the price of the electric train ticket.

Where is the stop of the stuttle bus going to the Airport platform located?

The shuttle bus stops in front of the left entrance to the airport, landmark sign Kurumoch in Russian.

How long does the bus trip last?

The time of travel from the passenger terminal of the Kurumoch international airport to the platform amounts to 4-10 minutes depending on the situation on the roads.

When does the shuttle bus depart?

The shuttle bus to the railway platform departs 30 minutes before the departure of the electric train. Embussing begins 15 minutes before the shuttle bus departure.

How much luggage can I have with me in the shuttle bus? Are there any additional charges for luggage transportation?

The cost of luggage transportation is included into the price of the ticket.


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