Passenger Check-In attheAirport

Flight check-in andpassenger handling service arecarried outinaccordance with Federal Aviation Rules General rules ofpassengers, baggage, cargo aircarriage andrequirements forhandling ofpassengers, consigners, andconsignees byorder ofMinistry ofTransport ofRussian Federation 82asof28.06.2007.


Passenger and baggage check-in fordomestic flightsopens 1.5 -2hours andcloses 40minutes prior todeparture time. Business class passengers check-in atadedicated Check-in desk oroutofturn.

Passenger and baggage check-in forinternational flightsopens 2.5 3hours prior todeparture sothat passengers could have enough time topass through customs andborder control. Check-in forinternational flights closes 40minutes prior todeparture time.

Check-in for Turkish Airlinesand Flydubai flights is over 1 hour prior to departure time.

Passengers can also use services of the Airports Business Terminal, which is on the right of the passenger terminal.

Online Check-In (using the airlines official website)

All the passengers departing form Kurumoch International Airport may use online flight check-in service which is currently offered by the following airlines: Lufthansa, S7 Airlines, Aeroflot Russian Airlines, UTair, Transaero. The list of airlines can be revised by adding new airlines which prefer to offer this kind of service.

Because of this service you may check-in for your flight on the official website of preferred airline and choose the seat on board before arriving to the airport. To use this service you should have available access to the Internet and any device for printing out the boarding pass. Please take your printed boarding pass with you and arrive at the airport in advance for passing the preflight control (security, baggage check-in and other) and boarding the aircraft. The access to online check-in service is restricted; read the instructions and terms of online check-in service on the airlines website very carefully.

Please pay your attention that check-in closes 40 minutes prior the scheduled departure time. Some airlines inform their passengers that check-in closes 15 minutes prior the aircraft departure however this information is relevant only for the airports equipped with boarding bridges.

Ticket Validity

A ticket is valid for transportation of the passenger and his/her baggage from the point of departure to the point of destination for the itinerary and service class stated on the ticket.

The ticket is valid for transportation of the passenger and his/her baggage on the date of commencement of journey and for the flight number specified.

A special-fare ticket is valid for transportation of the passenger and his/her baggage within the time established in the application rules for this fare.

Check-In of Passengers with E-Tickets

Electronic ticket, ore-ticket, is the electronic form of an air ticket replacing the conventional paper ticket. The only difference is that the information relating to the passengers journey (itinerary, fare, service class, amount paid, charges, etc.) is contained in the e-ticket file located in the respective carriers database, rather than on paper.

An e-ticket can be bought in the Internet, in travel agencies or in the carriers own sales offices.

The e-ticket is stored electronically; therefore it cannot be left behind, lost or stolen. A passengers friends or relations can book an e-ticket for him/her even from another city, and then he or she has but to come up for check-in.

An e-ticket can be paid for in any way: in cash, with a bank card, or by a bank transfer.

A Passenger Itinerary Receipt (ITR) is issued to confirm the purchase of the e-ticket; however, it is not an accountable form, and is not obligatory for presentation at check-in; only the passengers passport is necessary. If the e-ticket was bought on the airlines Web site, the passenger will receive the ITR by e-mail upon payment for the ticket.

Passengers with electronic tickets are checked in just as other passengers, at the check-in counters in the airport.

Boarding Passes

Aboarding passis a document issued to the passenger at check-in at the airport of departure and providing the passenger with the information on the flight, boarding closure time, boarding gate number, seat number in the aircraft cabin, and the number of the e-ticket.

Passengers who need to account for their travel expenses should keep the removable stub of the boarding pass.


After check-in, passengers of domestic flights go through passport control and ascend upstairs for the security check.

Passengers of international flights go through the customs control, then the check-in, and after that, through the border control and the security check. Passengers with domestic animals must pass veterinary control.

For Latecomers

  • Apassenger islate forcheck-in ifhe/she hasnotarrived atthecheck-in counter40 minutesbefore theaircraft departure.
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