Carriage ofChildren

Children upto12years ofagearecarried only ifaccompanied byadult passengers Unaccompanied children between 2and12years maybecarried under supervision ofthecarrier only after formalization bytheparents (adopters, guardians ortutors) ofawritten application forcarriage ofsuch child. Attheir request, carriage under thecarriers supervision mayalso extend tochildren upto16years ofage.

Uniform children carriage rules are established in the whole territory of the Russian Federation: an adult passenger may take along one child up to 2 years of age free of charge without provision of an individual seat. If more children up to 2 years of age travel with such passenger, they are carried at a partial fare and with provision of individual seats.

Children up to 2 years of age travelling to countries other than Russia are carried at the discount of 90% of the fare. Children between 2 and 12 years are given the discount of 50% of the normal (basic) fare. The age of a child is determined as on the date of commencement of the journey. Some airlines establish a different age qualification for carriage of children; information about it can be obtained at the time of booking.

If a minor passenger is travelling to leave the Russian Federation unaccompanied by the parents (adopters, guardians or tutors), he/she must have with him/her, beside the passport, a notarial consent of the said persons to the exit of the minor Russian citizen specifying the period of exit and the state(s) that he/she intends to visit; and if a minor Russian citizen is exiting Russia for more than three months, such consent must also be attested by trusteeship and tutorship bodies following the procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation. If one of the parents, adopters, guardians or tutors declares that he/she does not give consent to the minor Russian citizens exiting the Russian Federation, the question of possibility of his/her exiting the Russian Federation is settled in a judicial proceeding.

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