Departing from Kurumoch International Airport, youmayhave your baggage wrapped orplace itinthebaggage checkroom.

Excess or oversize baggageas well as animals or plants require special procedures.

In the event of your baggage having been damaged, you should apply to the Lost&Found.

Lost&Found telephone number: +7(846) 966-53-23

Information for Passengers

Each passenger may carry following objects free of charge in addition to the established free allowance:

  • coat, travelling rug;

  • umbrella, walking stick;

  • ladies purse orpaper-folder;

  • infant food andbassinet;

  • wheelchair forapassenger with reduced mobility;

  • guide dogforablind/deaf passenger;

  • printed matter forreading inflight.

The free baggage allowance does not extend to:

  • objects with overall dimensions inexcess of50נ50נ100cm;

  • pieces weighing more than 30kg;

  • television, video, radio appliances with theweight ofonepiece over 10kg;

  • animals except guide dogs accompanying blind/deaf passengers;

  • carriage ofgreenstuff, freshly cutflowers, nursery plants andshrubs weighing more than 5kg.

Carriage of the above objects and live creatures is to be paid for according to their actual weight, independent of the amount of other objects carried by the passenger as baggage.

Binoculars, radio receivers, radio transmitters, photographic and cinematographic equipment are accepted for carriage only when packed in baggage. Passengers are not allowed to have such objects with them nor use them while on board aircraft.

Passengers must keep documents, money, jewellery, valuable/security papers with them, and not give them in as checked baggage.

Fragile objects, ones that require special precautions during carriage; (small-size portable tape-recorders, computers, radio receivers, television sets, crystalware, etc.) may, with the Carriers consent, stay with the passenger in the aircraft cabin subject to obligatory presentation for inspection.

A passenger has the right to declare the value of his/her checked baggage. The declared value of the baggage must not exceed its actual value. The charge for the declared value equals 0.5% of the declared value. Objects given in as checked baggage with declared value must be packed in a safer, harder packing ensuring the intactness and safety of the content. The weight and overall dimensions of baggage with declared value must be within the allowances established.

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